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One of the most successful fishing crews in Costa Rica


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Your Captain and crew


Capt. Rick Ruhlow is a licensed USCG captain, who has been actively fishing the blue waters of Costa Rica, from Golfito up to Flamingo, over the past 24 years. The last 20, primarily in the Playa Carrillo to Flamingo area, this includes Samara, Garza, and Tamrindo, all considered billfish destinations. Prior to arriving in Costa Rica he got his feet wet fishing such places as Mexico, California, Florida, Alaska, and the Azores.

His first mate and right hand man is Orlando Lopez who has been with the kingfisher from day one and is a formidable captain in his own right. The second mate is Alonso Carrillo, who while only with the Kingfisher the past three years has proven himself well.

Together they make one of the most successful fishing crews in Costa Rica.



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