We have an array of tours and activities that will keep you occupied.


Why Costa-Rica?

why Costa RicaCosta Rica is one of the premier destinations

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Why Kingfisher Sportfishing?


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There are several companies that will take you on guided tours of the different rivers  or open ocean. Here you can enjoy the diversity of the wild while gliding along with the rhythm of the water.

Horse back riding

Guided tours to the top of the forested hills with panoramic views,  to galloping down the beaches at low tide make this popular with young and old alike,

Canopy tours

Go swooping through the jungle on a series of platforms and have a real “Robinson Caruso” experience.  Your experienced guides will be a funnel of knowledge of the local animals and plants that you wont find anywhere else.

Four wheelers

If you are looking for motorized tour of the back roads than this might be just the trip for you.


We include this because so many people ask.  We are not a diving destination, but  if you have a mask and snorkel you will find a bit of sea life around the boats and rocks near the bay. You will have a better chance of using your mask offshore, especially if we find the huge pod of  cooperative porpoise.

Bird watching

See everything from spoonbills to parrots. There are over 800 different species of birds in Costa Rica, making this a primer destination for birders.


There are some exceptional breaks located near carrillo, but if you are just learning, surf lessons can be arranged for you in carrillo beach.

Mountain biking

There are so many different trails, I could   go on forever, a great way to  explore the backroads of coasta rica, and particularly our area.

Ultra lights

Get a real birds eye view and take a tour in a two man ultra light from our near by airstrip


Enjoy sunset yoga on the beach in Playa Carrillo or have a qualified instructor come to the villa for a private session.


In general we can arrange any kind of excursion or tour you may like.  We have access to an  excellent private bus company, so if you want to go to the   volcanos, rainforest, caves, rivers, mountains etc. we can make it happen.  Most tours of this nature require a full day and in some cases staying the night.



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