Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica

"We have the calmest waters, day in and day out for this type of deep sea fishing than any other area in the worls that I am aware off" Rick Ruhlow, Captain KINGFISHER


Why Costa-Rica?

why Costa RicaCosta Rica is one of the premier destinations

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Welcome to Kingfisher Deep Sea Fishing


Authors like Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway helped immortalize deep sea fishing, stirring the imagination and dreams of their readers with amazing fishing feats and catches.

Costa Ricas abundantly rich blue waters offers the armchair adventurer, the diehard fanatic, a novice beginner or anyone that just enjoys being on the water, the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

kingsfisher and dolphins


We want to extend our thanks to all the fishermen and friends who have supported us over the past 25 years, we hope to see you down here again soon as we begin silver our anniversary season. It promises to be a good one!

Puerto Carrillo is still a diamond in the rough, having lived and fished here for over 30 years, the change is negligible compared to the more developed areas ( such as Los Suenos and Quepos). There are still less than a handful of boats fishing here year round, giving the area a very exclusive feel. This is in part due to its relative seclusion as compared to other areas of Costa Rica, but then again this is the draw.

If you are looking for high-end hotels, casinos, fancy restaurants or a full service marina and all the amenities that come with development of this nature, than Puerto Carrillo is NOT for you. IF you are more interested in supplementing your fishing with adventure, comfortable accommodations, good food, tours, surfing, mountain biking, beautiful sunsets, and nature in it most natural undisturbed form, you might seriously like to give this area consideration for your next fishing/family/vacation plans.

We have received and catered to a wide myriad of people on the Kingfisher, ranging from seasoned anglers to beginners, families, students, couples, sport figures and even the occasional celebrity, so even if fishing is not your thing there are plenty of activities to keep everyone happy.

Let us help you plan your next dream vacation.

Make your getaway a reality.


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